Editing Tip #1: Start Somewhere. Start Now.

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So many of us get paralyzed by fear, perfectionism, the need to plan, or so many other “reasons” that we shouldn’t start editing our book. But as long as you hold on to one or more of these things, you will never start, so you will never finish.

Make the decision to start editing today. You don’t need to worry about not being a good editor or not getting everything perfect. Just start.

Just like your writing gets better the more you write, your editing will get better the more you edit. Practice what you already know, and then make a point to learn more about editing so that you can craft the best book that you can for yourself and your readers.

Action Steps:

  1. Begin by reading through your book from beginning to end. You will find things that are missing, could be improved, or need some additions if you can read through your book in a couple of sittings. Then you can make the necessary revisions.

  2. If you want to learn more about how to edit your novel, head on over to our articles for more in-depth editing tips or download your free self-editing checklist.

  3. And if you’d like even more reading options, check out these books:

Bestselling author and writing teacher James Scott Bell details revision and self-editing for authors in easy-to-understand ways that will help edit your novel.

Though not a book on revision, James Scott Bell will teach you how to heighten the conflict of your novel, and you will learn plenty that you can apply to your draft even now.

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