Editing Tip #3: Editing Begins After Coffee

editing tip 3.png

OK, so this isn’t exactly a “must-do” tip, but for most of us, it is probably necessary to drink some coffee first (or tea). Not to mention it just tastes delicious!

But a tip that is important and shouldn’t be ignored is self-care. Writing and editing a book isn’t running a marathon, but it does take a physical toll on our bodies, often even more so that we realize.

You may have heard of writers who suffer from severe back pain or carpal tunnel and other issues that stem from sitting for hours every day. However, these things can often be avoided if we do the proper exercises and stretches to keep our body loose and healthy.

Eating healthy and staying hydrated are also important to keep our bodies in shape and our minds sharp. Drinking 64 oz of water a day is the recommended minimum, and most of us don’t come close to that. I started tracking my steps and water in my FitBit app to make sure I’m taking care of myself.

Remember to not sit for more than 30 minutes at a time. Get up, stretch, walk around the house, office, or coffee shop a little bit, and then come back to your writing and editing.

Self-care can also be treating yourself for a job well-done. Just completed writing your first draft? Celebrate with a trip to the spa, a trail walk, or something else that would be special and rewarding for you. Make this writing journey fun!

Action Steps:

  1. Implement exercising and stretching into your weekly routine.

  2. Stay hydrated, and try drinking at least 64 oz a day.

  3. Reward yourself after you hit your goals.

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