A Pictures Is Worth a Thousand Words

That's how the saying goes, at least. But is it true? Could you really write 1,000 words based off of a single photo?

The Challenge

Choose a picture at random from Google or Pinterest, put the picture where you can see it, and write 1,000 words based off of the picture. If you want to make it really challenging, set a timer for 30 minutes.

The Benefit

Writing prompts can be a great way to discover and explore new story ideas, especially if you're struggling to find the great idea for your next novel.

If you set a timer, you will force yourself to write quickly, leaving no time to stop and agonize for five minutes on whether or not you should have used who or whom. Just get it written quickly. There will be time to edit later.

If there is a certain aspect of writing that you want to develop, writing prompts give you the freedom to do so without having to worry about whether or not you're still being accurate to your plot. You can read my post about that here.

Most importantly, writing prompts give us a chance to have fun. I think we sometimes get so bogged down and overwhelmed by plot, character, pacing, tension, contracts, deadlines, and the list goes on. Prompts allow us to take a step back and write a few words just for the fun of it.

How to Share

If you complete this challenge one time (or twenty times) and want to share it with me and your fellow writers, share it on your Facebook page and tag it #picture1000words. And if you'd like feedback on it, head over to my FaceBook group, The Write-Up, and share it with us during one of our Feedback Friday discussions.

You can also share your writing on Wattpad if you like to use that platform to share your writing.

My Writings

If you'd like to see some examples, you can read my own writings from this challenge on my FaceBook page, or if you have a Wattpad account, you can read my writing on Wattpad.

Copyright Notice

If you use a photo for inspiration that you did not photograph yourself, remember that the photographer of that picture owns the copyright. You cannot turn your 1,000 words into a full length novel and use the photo as your book cover. When you use someone else's photo for inspiration, it can only be for inspiration. Please respect the copyright of the photographer and do not try to profit from the photo in any way.